Nutrition is the most important aspect of health. It should be the foundation upon which everything else is built on. While this is true,
there is often contradictory information that makes it hard to understand what “is and isn’t healthy.” Eating in a way that optimizes
health, performance, and vitality is something that everyone deserves to know about. Here are 4 simple principles that can be a starting
point to optimize nutrition.

There is No One Size Fits All
The most important thing to remember when navigating all the health advice out there is to remember that you are a unique individual with
unique needs. Yes, there are basic principles that can be applied to the health of all humans like sleep, water, real food, and exercise. But
when it gets down to things like different styles of eating and macronutrient ratios for example, what works best for one person
doesn’t means it works best for you. Remember to tune into your body and listen to what it is trying to tell you. Being able to decipher the
difference between what actually makes you thrive and what’s just another recommendation that doesn’t actually make you feel good or
help you achieve your health goals is one of the most important things you can learn.

Focus on Whole Real Food
This might sound too simple: just eat real, whole, minimally processed food. But it’s true. Foods that you can pick, hunt, catch, grow yourself,
and minimally processed products created from these categories, is a simple way to define real food. A few examples are fresh vegetables from
a garden, fruits from a tree, wild fish caught on a pole, fresh dairy or eggs. Be aware that there’s a lot of marketing on packaged products to
make you think they are the healthiest options, when often times, there is a simpler, less processed way to get the same nutrients: just simple, real food.

Prioritize Protein
Protein should be prioritized because it is often the hardest macronutrient to get enough of for optimal health. Protein is the most satiating
macronutrient, the literal building blocks of our body’s tissues. And it’s not something our bodies generate on their own. We have to make sure we get adequate amounts through our diets. By making sure you’re getting enough protein, all other things fall into place. Hunger hormones are
regulated, cravings diminish, energy is more balanced, body composition is improved, and more.

Life Changes, So Do Your Needs
As you grow and travel through the different seasons of life, your needs change. What may have worked best for you at one
time may not anymore so things need to be adjusted. Be willing to learn new things and unlearn old ideologies if they no longer
make you feel your best.

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