Justin Gehrt / October Athlete of the Month

By October 13, 2017NEWS

Our October Athlete of the Month is super deserving on so many levels! His incredible and positive attitude, support of community, and inspiring personal fitness and health journey! Justin Gehrt, we are extremely lucky to have you as a pinnacle member of KCF and excited to share your recent completion of CF Level-1 certification!

We asked Justin a few questions about his CrossFit journey and below are his answers:

  1. What was your first experience with CrossFit? I had a roommate at the time who had been doing CrossFit for a few months and he knew I was ready to join a gym for the first time. After multiple attempts to get me to come try it out, I finally caved and attended my first class. I had never lifted weights or done any organized fitness before. The next day I could barely walk, but I knew this was something special. I was scared to death to try CrossFit, but after that first day I was hooked!
  2. You motivated so many people with your personal health progress. What are some of your continued driving forces behind your healthy lifestyle? I cannot stress how important having a good group of people to support you as your embark on something as transformative as this is. You are always the only one that controls yourself and what you do/put into your body, but good people who care about you will make sure you continue on the right path. Along with this, is the people at the gym. Having a community/family like KCF to come in and workout with each day is something everyone should get to experience, and it makes walking through the door that much easier! The other big motivator has been results. I had tried losing weight before, but never gave it a chance to actually work. This time I saw results when I truly committed myself to a new lifestyle, and the results were amazing! After that, sticking with it was easy!
  3. What are your top three reasons for walking into Kirkland CrossFit week after week? The people, how good working out makes me feel when I have finished a hard workout, and having the chance to work on goals and progress through a given process to get better at something.
  4. Do you have a favorite WOD/movement? I like Hero WODs because they’re as much a mental test as they are physical. It’s also a great way to test how you’re progressing with stamina/strength/endurance all at the same time in my opinion.
  5. Do you have a least favorite WOD/movement? Hand Stand Push-ups, only because I can’t do them. They’re next on my list!
  6. Earlier this year when you were injured and still coming in to workout wearing ‘the boot’ what motivated you to not just sit at home and use the boot as an excuse? This was threefold for me. One, coming to the gym is such a routine/integral part of my day, that it feels incomplete if I don’t come in and do something. The second factor was having my background and knowing what being sedentary for so much of your can do; I knew I would have to keep doing something to stay active and not fall back into old habits or get lazy. It also gave me a chance to focus on other weaknesses and devote more time to them while I couldn’t do a lot of other things.
  7. What’s next on your workout and health journey? I think for me the ideal next step would be to help someone in the same way that so many people I’ve crossed paths with during these last five years has helped me. I think that paying that kind of motivation or feeling forward to someone else would be an amazing experience!
  8. Is there anything in addition you want to share with the KCF community? Leaving my first gym when I moved to Washington was scary to me, but I could not be happier with where I have landed. It’s been a great experience getting to know so many great people, doing so many great things! It’s such a great community!