June Accomplishments!

By June 30, 2017NEWS

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, and frankly, I shake my head at people I see posting ridiculous resolutions. Goals are awesome! For best results, set goals with a 30 day timeline. I’m all for it because goals, by definition, give you a purpose, guide your work, and give you measurable objectives along your way.

Here’s how we recommend our members write their goals. You have probably seen this framework in the past. It’s a structure for setting S.M.A.R.T. goals:

Specific – Target a specific area fro improvement.

Measurable – A number or way to measure change.

Action-Oriented – What is the expected outcome? Set very clear results.

Realistic – Are the goals realistic?

Time-Related – When must the goal be reached? In this case, we recommend 30 days.

Here are some highlights of Kirkland CrossFit members who set and achieved their June goals. We celebrate YOU!

  • Lia – completed her first triathlon
  • Lenore  – linked ring muscle ups together
  • Keith – completed his first marathon (4:23:30)
  • Amanda – Snatch 115# (rang PR bell)
  • Scott H – Clean & Jerk 250#
  • Mitch B – Completed Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon
  • Caleb – 28 mile run Renton-Kirkland-Renton
  • Lia – completed North Face Lavaredo Cortina Ultra Trail 50K
  • Stacy – Back Squat 100#

Ok, what are some good examples of goals?

  1. ‘Attend four classes a week’ – This is a specific number that, assuming, is only a mild increase from your current attendance. So, it’s also realistic. If you say five classes, but you’re currently only attending two, then maybe you’ve chosen an unrealistic goal.
  2. ‘Add 30 lbs. to my back squat’ – Adding 30 lbs. to a back squat in a year isn’t an unrealistic goal for most beginning and intermediate lifters. If you said you want to hit a double body weight back squat and you’re 100 lbs. away from that goal, then maybe you should re-assess a few things.
  3. ’15 unbroken chest-to-bar pull-ups’ – Talk about specificity. This goal nails it. It includes a number, a mechanism for performing that number and a specific movement.

Get yourself on the board for July. Coaches are here to help you, motive you, and we are here to support!