2017 Nutritional Challenge

By January 5, 2017NEWS, WOD

Who’s feelin’ tubby?? Time to rid yourself of that 2016 gut because it’s a thing of the past!! Well let’s see if we can help you set 2017 up right with a Nutritional Challenge. The idea of this isn’t to watch you do a starvation diet but find a path that works for your crazy-busy lifestyle to make healthy nutritional choices and be consistently active 3-5 times per week. Nutritional suggestions are Zone, Paleo, Paleo-Zone, Whole 30, Primal Blueprint, don’t eat out, make your own meals, you get the idea. You may ask yourself what’s in it for me??….well, let’s start with the health benefits. You will look and feel great shedding a few unwanted lb’s, your effort in your workout will increase, your recovery post WOD will be faster, reduced risk for other bad thinks like high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, and general body inflammation to name a few. This will be a 10 week competition beginning 2/3/2017. We will have Body Fat Test come to our gym on Friday Feb. 3 to do a hydrostatic test. For those that are new to the dunk test, here are some videos http://www.bodyfattest.com/video-reel. Please come prepared for a quick dunk to include showered!! and not sweaty from a workout, so plan your workout accordingly. Yes there are prizes! First place is two months free membership, second place is one month free, third place is a hug from Jer.

Cost: $55 each person. this includes pre and post dunks

Start: Hydrostatic testing will be completed on Friday February 3 between 5am and 6pm, and Saturday February 4 between 7am and 1pm 

Finish: The finish date is currently scheduled for Friday April 14 but may change depending on participation levels.

The winner is chosen by losing the greatest percent from their original body fat percent. Example, if I had a starting % of 15% BF and lost 5%, the % of my original body fat lost would be 15/5 or 30%.

You can register here: REGISTER HERE, you can follow the payment link on the registration form or choose the Paypal link below but you still need to fill out the registration form.

email me for questions…john@kirklandcrossfit.com