KCF LADIES ONLY Self Defense class

By August 12, 2016NEWS

Hello Ladies!!

Our very own Mojelly has been approached by many of you to learn about basic self defense. She has heard your request and would love to!!

“Here’s the plan… I’ll do an intro and lecture for about half an hour on personal safety, knowing your surroundings, the law, and any questions they have for a cop and fighter. Then we will jump right into practical concepts. NO ONE IS GETTING HURT OR INJURED IN THIS CLASS!!! I am also not going to make anyone a professional MMA fighter in 3 hours, but I know they will leave with better safety and some concepts to keep their butts safe if (heaven forbid) they ever need to.
I love these gals… I love our community, and this is very important for me. Thank you”
When: August 28, 2016 12:00-3:00
Where: at Kirkland CrossFit
Why: Because we care for your safety!!
Cost: $15 cash at the door, exact change please
Any questions feel free to email me at john@kirklandcrossfit.com