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Pete Carroll / March Athlete of the Month

With great excitement, we are announcing Pete Carroll as our Kirkland CrossFit Athlete of the Month! Pete is a constant early morning CrossFitter who is hard working, supportive, and a dedicated family man! Not only does Pete CrossFit, but so does his wife, daughter, and mom. We absolutely love the Carroll family being apart of the Kirkland CrossFit Family!

We asked Pete some questions about his CrossFit story, and here’s his responses:

  1. How long have you been a member at Kirkland CrossFit? Do you remember your first experience? I believe I have been a member about four year. My first experience was like most, try a class. I don’t remember the exact WOD, but John Burrow was coaching. At the end of the workout he asked for my score, but I didn’t even know I was keeping score! I told him I didn’t remember, but he gave me a RX anyway. I didn’t realize the importance of the RX, but I do remember several people getting fired up that the new guy RX’d the WOD! It took me a couple years to get another RX!
  2. What keeps you coming back to the gym day after day? First is the people and the shared experience. I love that no matter your level, at the end of the WOD, we are all equally miserable! It’s a great experience. Bonds people together. Second, the variety and challenge. Not just the physical challenge, but mental as well.
  3. Do you have a favorite WOD or movement? I am partial to Murph.
  4. Do you have a least favorite WOD or movement? The Deadlift. I admit I have avoided Deadlift days.
  5. We love that CrossFit is something you share with your family. What makes working out with your wife, daughter, and mother so special and meaningful to you? If you want to get to the root of the problem, it’s Michelle Hansson. She got my wife, Stacy going. I saw how much Stacy enjoyed it, and I started six months later. My mother has been intrigued for years, always asking about it, but like a lot of people didn’t think she could do it. We finally gave the one-on-one sessions to her for Christmas! Brigid was so great for my mother, thank you Erica! She finished the one-on-one telling us all the things she could do instead of what she couldn’t do. Now she can hardly stand missing class. Our daughter Madi started because we require our kids to have some physical activity. She didn’t have anything going outside of soccer season, so she started CrossFit. Watch out, our son, Jake is coming in June when he turns 12!
  6. What’s your biggest personally accomplishment inside KCF? Making it to the 5:30AM class!
  7. Outside the gym, what are some of your favorite hobbies? This past year I have taken up flying!
  8. Do you have a favorite place to vacation? The San Juan Islands on a boat… In August!

Thanks Pete for your support of KCF and introducing your family to it too!


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