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The CrossFit Open is Coming!

I could not be more excited to announce that this will be Kirkland CrossFit’s 8th year competing in the Open on the road to the CrossFit Games!  (2009 and 2010 the qualifying process was a bit different) Here are some questions athletes ask us every year around this time…

What is the Open?

The Open is 5 workouts in a 5 weeklong on-line competition that is open to EVERY CrossFitter around the world! The heart of the Open centers on building a healthy, supportive community through friendly competition starting February 22-March 26.

The purpose?

Ultimately it is to find the fittest people on earth.  The Open is the first stage in the qualifying process.  It is a chance to do a CrossFit competition at our gym or another registered affiliate with friends and family surrounding, cheering us on.  The Open brings the entire CrossFit community together.

Can anyone sign up for the Open?

You bet!! It is suitable for ALL fitness levels.  Scaled versions are offered each week.  This is about surprising yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone and having fun!!! The Open is about calling on the best in you personally no matter your current level of fitness!

How long does the Open last?

Like previously stated, the Open is a 5 week competition.  Workouts are released on Thursdays at 5pm PT.  Athletes have 4 days to complete the workout and submit their score.  Scores are due before 5pm PT the following Monday.  You must complete the workouts at a CrossFit affiliate with a judge, or film your workout and submit a link as proof.  Two versions of each workout will be offered, scaled and Rx’d.  Go to to read more info on the road to the CrossFit games process.  Kirkland CrossFit will be hosting each weeks workout on Saturdays running in heats during regular class hours.  EVERYONE is invited! It is an amazing environment to be a part of!

What happens after the Open?

The Open is a precursor to Regionals and then on to the CrossFit Games where the best of the best, teams and individuals, compete for titles and some big prizes.  Such as our very own Kevin Koester, #1 in the world 2017 Masters champion age 50-55.  SO inspirational!

“Wait, did I just do that?”  This is a question everyone including myself has asked during the Open.  The experience is so overwhelming and so rewarding!! You will surprise yourself.  You will accomplish things you never thought you could accomplish.  All the owners, coaches, athletes, family members, friends will cheer, encourage, hug, high five, jump up and down, (ok maybe not everyone will jump up and down, but I will (: ) We will be there for you! You can all do this! It is an amazing experience!

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions regarding the Open and if you have more we are all available for you!  Please go to to sign up.  It is well worth the $20.  This entry fee allows you to be ranked world wide by region, age, etc.  Make sure you are registered with the Kirkland CrossFit team.  Can’t wait to watch you all take that next step, dig deep, believe in yourselves because we believe in you!!  LET’S DO THIS!!!



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