Weightlifting Total

Kirkland CrossFit weightlifting Totems:(KCF/N’s unofficial mascot) Today we Totaled which in WL speak means we attempted a 1rm snatch and 1rm clean and jerk. A

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Please check out the weightlifting work for the month of August. Some very nice drills to keep your weightlifting fresh and help you work on

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Skinny Fat

Ok Ladies!! Many of you have either talked to one of our trainers about this or at least considered it. The topic of weight training

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Hook Grippin'

I hear it all the time.  “Why hook grip?”  Without getting too technical, wrapping the thumbs underneath the does a few things.  It allows the

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How to do CrossFit Total

Today we are doing the CrossFit total, weightlifting class and regular class.  After 3 cycles of the Wendler 5-3-1 I am continually being asked if

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