Weightlifting 10.6.12

One of my best practices yet. Most athletes looked like they were understanding and applying what I was asking of them. Check the photo for

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Weightlifting 9.29.12

Some very tight individuals trying to get in the depths of their snatch and cleans but made some nice progress. Hang snatch and hang clean

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Strongman Competition

A few of our fine trainers and friends from KCF competed in Rainier CrossFits Strongman competition this weekend. How did they do you ask?? AMAZING!!!!

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Weightlifting Total

Kirkland CrossFit weightlifting Totems:(KCF/N’s unofficial mascot) Today we Totaled which in WL speak means we attempted a 1rm snatch and 1rm clean and jerk. A

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Please check out the weightlifting work for the month of August. Some very nice drills to keep your weightlifting fresh and help you work on

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