John Burrow Kirkland CrossFit

John Burrow

John is a lifelong athlete and professional firefighter. He was introduced to CrossFit in 2006 at the fire station and quickly saw the overall health benefits. Two years later, in partnership with two other firefighters, founded and opened Kirkland CrossFit. John believes in contributing and making a difference into the lives of this community. Consistent with this vision, he also formed another 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization called Kirkland Fitness Foundation. KFF was created so the entire Kirkland CrossFit community can reach out to our neighboring community in a positive way and have a greater bond through serving others.

Jeremiah Ingersoll Kirkland CrossFit

Jeremiah Ingersoll

Jer is a full time firefighter and co-founder of Kirkland CrossFit. He has been using CrossFit to meet the physical demands of his job since 2006. Being an Ace Certified trainer and Level 1 CrossFit coach he began helping others in the firehouse and in the community work on their fitness. Jeremiah has competed at every NW Regional CrossFit competition since they began in 2009 and has competed at the CrossFit Games in 2010 and 2011. He lives in Kirkland with his wife Monica and two daughters Maddy and Ally.


Michael Neville

Mike discovered CrossFit in 2011 and quickly realized that he had found his passion. Mike is CrossFit Level 1 certified and a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. He has particular interests in mobility, strength training, and Olympic weightlifting. Mike has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Seattle University.


Brigid Freitag

Brigid Freitag began CrossFit\’ing in 2013 after competing in Olympic Weightlifting for 3 years.  She has been a collegiate strength and conditioning coach for 7 years, most recently at Washington State University. She received her Master\’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kentucky. Her certifications include USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and CSCCa Strength and Conditioning Coached Certified. She enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends. Brigid and her husband Kevin live in Maple Valley. 

Michelle Hansson CrossFit Trainer

Michelle Hansson

Michelle discovered CrossFit in 2008 and began competing a few years later – most notably in the CrossFit Games team competition. In addition to receiving her L1 certification in 2010, she has earned certifications in Movement and Mobility, Olympic Lifting, and CrossFit Kids. Michelle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from University of Arizona where she stayed warm for many years. Michelle enjoys traveling, boating, the outdoors and more than anything spending time with her husband and beautiful daughter.

Lenore King Kirkland CrossFit

Lenore King

Lenore has been a personal trainer for over 15 years. She got hooked on CrossFit in 2011 and soon after got her L1 certification. Lenore has been Ace and ISSA certified since 1996. An avid runner and triathlete, Lenore competed in Olympic and 1/2 Ironman Triathlons. She lives in Kirkland with her husband Rich and two boys.

Shannon Tymchyshyn Kirkland CrossFit

Shannon Tymchyshyn

Shannon is CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Kids Training certified coach. Shannon graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in Recreation Therapy. She has worked extensively with children programming recreational activities, as well as coaching her sons\’ soccer teams. Shannon has been active her whole life. She\’s an avid golfer, plays soccer and has competed in several half marathons and triathlons. In addition to being part of the Kirkland CrossFit community, Shannon is fortunate to be a stay at home mom to three amazing kids.

Allison King

Allison King

Accomplished competitive CrossFit athlete and KCF head trainer Allison has a degree in Exercise Science from Washington State University where she was also a rower and an avid runner. Allison began CrossFitting in 2004 and very quickly began coaching CrossFit and learning the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Along with being a CrossFit L1 trainer, Allison is the Weightlifting coach at Nathan Hale High School and the assistant Cross Country coach. Allison lives in North Seattle with her husband and two young children Fiona and Gabriel.

Dan Carnahan Kirkland CrossFit Trainer

Dan Carnahan

Dan discovered CrossFit during his last deployment in 2008. He has been a trainer at Kirkland CrossFit since 2011. Dan has an interest in modes of fitness that are often overlooked such as prehab/rehab, balance, mobility, and flexibility. He is constantly looking to learn and expand his skill set, and bring these methods to the community to help people move more safely, effectively, and efficiently. He spent time training in the Chinese Olympic Weightlifting system, and then under movement guru Ido Portal. His certifications and seminars include USA Weightlifting Level 1, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Gymnastics, and Ido Portal\’s Movement X. Dan has a BS degree in Nursing from UW.


Erica Gamble

Erica was a competitive swimmer and rowed crew for University of Washington. She discovered CrossFit in 2011 and received her L1 Certification later that year, she also holds her CF Gymnastics Cert. During the 2014 and 2015 Open, she placed in the top 200 worldwide in her age division to advance onto the Master’s Qualifier Event. Erica lives in Kirkland with her husband Brett and is a stay at home mom to their two children.

Harpa Magnusdottir Kirkland CrossFit

Harpa Magnusdottir

Harpa discovered CrossFit in 2006 when she decided to attempt a perfect score on the Army\’s physical fitness test and was successful in that endeavor. She has been L1 Certified since January 2009. As an Army Reserve Soldier, Harpa has completed/competed in several physically demanding military courses and competitions including: the Army Combatives Level 1 Instructor course, The German Armed Forces Military Badge of Physical Proficiency (Gold Award) and the Fort Benning Basic Officer Leaders Course Iron Voyager competition, taking first place out of the 500 officers in the course. During her seven weeks at Fort Benning she was also her platoon\’s physical fitness instructor. Harpa graduated from the University of Washington. She received her M.A. in Policy Studies focusing on health policy and the country\’s obesity epidemic.

Josh Pratt Kirkland CrossFit Coach

Josh Pratt

Josh found CrossFit in 2006 when he joined the Kirkland Fire Department. Already an exercise junky with a background as a Junior High PE teacher and high school track and cross country coach, CrossFit was a natural fit. He earned his Level 1 certification in 2007 and began training other firefighters in the department and coaching at Kirkland CrossFit in 2009. Josh loves the KCF family and enjoys competing in CrossFit competitions. He also holds certifications in Mobility and Olympic Weight lifting. Josh lives in Kenmore with his wife Cami and three children.

Devon Uderitz Kirkland CrossFit

Devon Uderitz

Devon Uderitz has been a level 1 CrossFit instructor since 2010. His primary areas of focus are mobility and Olympic weightlifting. Devon has recently returned from Dublin, Ireland, where he trained and competed in Olympic lifting at CrossFit Ireland. Devon is proud to hold the Irish masters weightlifting record for his weight category and looks for any opportunity to wear a singlet. He’s also a graphic designer, a husband and father, and an avid outdoorsman, enjoying skiing, rock climbing and hiking.


Jody Connolly

Jody Connolly began practicing hot yoga in the summer of 2000. Hooked to the physical and mental benefits after just one class, Jody has incorporated hot yoga into her fitness regimen for nearly 14 years; practicing mainly for the physical benefits in the beginning, and learning through the years that yoga can also provide mental focus and clarity, improved health and healing through injury. In the fall of 2008, Jody completed Baron Baptiste\’s Level 1 Teacher Training in Mexico. Jody began teaching in January of 2009 and taught Power Vinyassa flow classes for 2 years at a local hot yoga studio. Jody joined Kirkland CrossFit in September of 2011 and realized the impact that the intense workouts can have on flexibility, and also the parallels between the two forms of exercise, including body alignment, strength, and mental focus. Jody currently practices yoga as a compliment to her CrossFit workouts and enjoys bringing the benefits of yoga to the Athletes at Kirkland CrossFit.

Nemecia Kaloper Kirkland CrossFit

Nemecia Kaloper

Before discovering CrossFit in 2007, Nemecia was a competitive marathon runner, qualifying for Boston multiple times. In 2011, she was one of the athletes at Kirkland CrossFit that competed at the CrossFit Games. Since that amazing life experience, Nemecia got her L1 certification and enjoys the daily competition at Kirkland CrossFit and coaching on a part time basis.