Our Mission




Our Mission

Our mission at Kirkland CrossFit is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment with quality, knowledgable, and disciplined coaches to help you achieve your fitness goals. By joining Kirkland CrossFit, you become a part of a family, where continued support, motivation, and laughter is commonplace. We also believe in service to our community. As such, we give back to our community through collective action and commitment of our time, resources, and talents. You only have one body, treat it well and it will treat you and your family well.


Kirkland CrossFit delivers the best fitness options to bring you to optimal health – including CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Endurance, and CrossFit Kids programming.


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The coaches at Kirkland CrossFit are a prime reason our CrossFit community thrives. We focus on a positive and safe environment where you will feel encouraged and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Meet our coaches.
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Getting to optimal health is difficult to achieve on your own. Kirkland CrossFit’s gym community is a fun, supportive group that cares for one another’s well being.
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