Introducing WODIFY

By July 20, 2017NEWS

Our Mission is to provide our members with world-class functional fitness that can be used in everyday activity and to involve them in a family-like community that supports and celebrates their accomplishments and well-being. We are committed to bringing out the best in each and every one of our members.

As we grow, our focus is always on improving the experience we provide for you, the member. We are reviewing the recent survey and will be using the feedback you gave us to make a number of improvements. On July 24th we will have new Kirkland CrossFit lobby area re-designed for our members.   We continue to improve our business daily, just as you try to improve your fitness daily.

Whats next?! 

We are introducing Wodify, the all-in-one gym management software.  What does this mean for you?

So glad you asked:

Class Calendar: The class calendar will be available within Wodify including special events and limited seat classes. You’ll be able to see who’s coaching and who’s attending!

Class Registration: You will be able to register/sign up for any class in Wodify from home or mobile plus the kiosk at the KCF gym will allow everyone to check in on arrival.

Whiteboard: Allows each member to see the workout, view instructional videos pertaining to the workout, as well as comment and like other member’s results!

Leaderboards:  Each day will have its own leaderboard allowing you to see the top results for each workout. Also allows you to compare to personal previous results. Competition = Motivation = Gainz!

Performance History: Allows you to see past results and breaks down percentages based on your 1RM for every lift.  Need 85% of your Power Clean for a workout… just check Performance History!

Billing:  All billing for KCF will be done with Wodify.  One place to manage your account.  This includes buying new SWAG like shirts and other new items arriving soon.  Make sure your credit card information is up to date to prevent any delays or problems signing up for your next WOD.

Mobile App:  All of the above functionality will be available on your mobile device (Yes, its an app for the gym!!!). Just download the Wodify app (works on all OS & FREE) and use your login to perform any activity within Wodify.

You should have received your Wodify welcome message by now with your email on file with KCF. If you havent received email or logged into Wodify contact We will help make sure your ready to go on Aug 24th.