Kevin Koester / July Athlete of the Month

By July 17, 2017NEWS

We are proud to highlight Kevin Koester as our Athlete of the Month! In just two weeks he will be heading to complete at the CrossFit Games and we wouldn’t be more excited to support him! Check out Kevin’s answers to a few questions we proposed to him:

What sports did you play going up or during college? I started athletics in the second grade as a gymnast and focused on that for approximately six years, competing at the Junior Olympics as a sixth grader. When my family moved to Seattle there were no gyms for me to work out at, so I started playing football, wrestling and running track where I specialized in pole vaulting. I competed in the three sports thru high school and continued to pole vault on the Olympic Development Team, competing in Asia after high school.

When did you first try CrossFit? 2014

What attracted you to CrossFit to continue coming back? I loved the class atmosphere, but I didn’t come back for about a year after my first class, simply because I wasn’t ready to commit to working out at a set time. Once I did come back, I began 2-3 times per week and really enjoyed it the more I did it and the more I learned.

When did you decide you wanted to train specifically for the Games? After the 2016 Open. In 2015 I didn’t know what the Open was, in 2016 I wanted to see how I compared to other in my age group, and in 2017 I was on a mission to make it to the Games!

In the past year you have changed your training regiment, what id you think was the biggest difference? Yes, putting in the additional time and work. I have also learned a lot about the movements and efficiency.

What’s your favorite CrossFit movement? Bar Muscle Ups!

What’s your least favorite CrossFit movement? It was the snatch, but I am finally starting to get it and really enjoying it. Now I have to say the air bike makes me sick just looking at it.

Any games athletes who you follow? No, I probably should, but I really don’t pay attention to what they are doing. That’s what Mike is for!

What’s your families favorite place to travel to? Hawaii

Goal for the next year? Get back to life with my family and friends. This year has been a commitment and I proud to be going to the games, but can’t wait to do CrossFit to live, not live to do CrossFit.