Aggie Joins Kirkland CrossFit Team

By July 11, 2017NEWS
We are super excited that Aggie Stern has been working hard shadowing our seasoned Kirkland CrossFit coaches to become one herself! Once she has completed her shadowing, she will begin leading classes along with the scheduled coach. Please congratulate and support her!
Background on Aggie:
Aggie discovered CrossFit in 2009 when looking for a new fitness challenge and was immediately hooked! A former gymnast and weight trainer, she appreciates that CrossFit encompasses so many different aspects of fitness and continuously challenges both the beginner and the experienced. She is a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer and has competed in severely CrossFit Open competitions, placing in the top 200 worldwide in her division in 2016 and advancing to the Master’s Qualifying Events. Aggie has lived in Seattle most of her live and attended University of Washington, where she met her husband. She enjoys hiking, traveling, spending time with family, and working out with her two awesome daughters!
Welcome to the Kirkland CrossFit team, Aggie!