Thank You + Gym Rules

By July 9, 2017NEWS

We want to take a minute and thank everyone for signing up for classes and working with us on new gym rules!

To clarify, if you sign up for a regular WOD class, that is what the class will focus on and what each member will follow. We want to make sure everyone is properly warmed up, goes through property techniques, and is closely watched and coached during the WOD. It’s important to follow the class warm up, but we invite you to come a few minutes early if you need additional time to the warm up with maybe a run, double under work, or extra stretches. Safety of our members is our number one priority!

We welcome everyone’s feedback and are looking to make changes to the schedule to allow for additional endurance or open gym times. Please fill out the survey so we can make changes that will positively impact our community! Feed free to reach out to owners with any comments or concerns!