New Waivers

By June 26, 2017NEWS

We will be releasing a new waiver tomorrow via Wodify. Wodify is a new tracking software for Kirkland CrossFit replacing the physical whiteboards and binders. Wodify is our member management and performance tracking system. Not only does it manage all of our athlete’s membership information, billing, and status, it tracks everything you do in the gym! Wodify will be released to Kirkland CrossFit athletes in a few weeks.

You should receive an email notification through the email account we have on file through your membership. Please keep an eye out for the new document as they are an important aspect of your participation at Kirkland CrossFit. Wodify will incorporate the new waiver into your account online, so please be sure to check those out, sign and initial in any place necessary.

New waivers must be signed by midnight June 30 before you can participate in classes. Trainers will be checking waivers are signed. Let us know if you have any questions or comments. We are excited to bring Wodify to Kirkland CrossFit! Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Kirkland CrossFit Coaching Team