The Punishment League!!

By December 10, 2016NEWS

We have the opportunity to participate in a regional community event, that can be good for all of us to participate in. This is great for us to shake off the dust as we prepare for the CrossFit Games Open this upcoming mid-winter. Who’s in??? Thanks Kyle and Nick at Cascade CrossFit for the invite!

Welcome to the Punishment League!

“Connecting with Community”

The fun started in 2012! 2 friends that CrossFit in the Seattle area, from the same gym, started a mini competition with each other. They competed against each other on 4 different workouts over a 30-day timeframe. The loser was punished with a workout that was performed in a “pink outfit”. This launched the Punishment League.


The Punishment League is a multi-gym CrossFit league. The purpose is to increase gym retention, enhance and improve relationships and get great workouts in a competitive League with many local affiliates. There are currently 10 affiliates involved in this competition. Individuals complete 4 individual Workouts, once a week, in Male/Female RX or Male/Female Scaled divisions. The Workouts are completed at your own affiliate within designated time frames. After 4 weeks, the top athlete from each division are invited to compete in the Punishment League Grand Finale at Cascade CrossFit in Issaquah on Saturday, February 11th at 11:00AM! The Winner of each Division takes home $250! Second place receives $100!


Anyone that is interested in participating! There are 4 divisions. Men and Women “RX” and Men and Women “Scaled “. Simply “sign up” at your gym and participate!


Registration Deadline is Monday, January 2nd. Gym members register by signing up in your gym with the attached spreadsheet.

WOD 1- Released Friday January 6th, completed by Wednesday January 11th at 5:00PM.

WOD 2- Released Friday January 13th, completed by Wednesday January 18th at 5:00PM.

WOD 3- Released Friday January 20th, completed by Wednesday January 25th at 5:00PM.

WOD 4- Released Friday January 27th, completed by Wednesday February 1st at 5:00PM.

The Championship final is at Cascade CrossFit at 8126 304th AVE SE, Cascade CrossFit in Issaquah on Saturday, February 11th at 11AM.



The workouts will be completed in your own gym. Each workout is judged and validated by another gym member!  Individuals post their individual scores on the “Tracking” spreadsheet each week. Each Wednesday night, the weekly spreadsheet with completed scores need to be e-mailed to League standings will be posted weekly on the Punishment League Faceboook Page.  We also have a Punishment League Instagram as well as a Twitter account (@punishleague).

Individuals perform each workout one time only “one and done”. Each workout must be completed and scores submitted in the by Wednesday at 5PM of each week.

Registration: Participants sign-up and pay $20 cash to their own gym Management. Each participant receives a Punishment League T-shirt and gets to participate in the Punishment League!

Each affiliate mails a check to Cascade CrossFit by Thursday, January 4th, 2017. The address is 8126 304th Ave SE, Issaquah, WA 98027

Thank you for joining the Punishment League! Let’s have some fun!

What we need from you!

  • Please submit a workout WOD that you would like to see as part of the 4-week series. E-mail it to by December 30th. The League will pick 4 WOD’s in a lottery that we will use in the League!
  • Place the sign-up sheet in your gym ASAP. E-mail the sign-up sheet back to by Tuesday, January 3rd.
  • Collect $20 from each participant and mail a check for the Total to Cascade CrossFit at 8126 304th Ave SE, Issaquah, WA, 98027.



We will reach out to you in the 3rd or 4th week asking you to submit a WOD for the Championship WOD at Cascade CrossFit February 11th at 11:00AM. We will also as for a Punishment WOD that we will randomly draw.  Please don’t make them outrageous because the goal is for it to be a fun thing and not punitive in any way.  At Cascade we have all been “punished” 🙂

After 4 weeks of competition, we will randomly pull name from each gym for those folks to be “punished.” These people will do the Punishment workout with the other folks who finished last in their perspective gyms.  This is all done in fun! 


Questions? Support?

E-mail Pat at We will make every effort to respond within 24 hours!