FUNdraiser this Saturday!!!!

By September 2, 2016NEWS

Hey KCF Family!!!

The genesis of Kirkland CrossFit was our very first FF/PD CrossFit Challenge in August 2008, a tradition that carries us to this 9th event!! This year we are hosting this event to raise money to build at least two houses for Homes of Hope. My family has partnered with this organization personally for the last two years during the Thanksgiving week. In years past we’ve thrown out a GoFundMe request to which our family and friends have always been generous. This year we are hosting a TAX DEDUCTIBLE fundraiser at Kirkland CrossFit. All the money raised will go towards the construction costs for the homes, any money above the construction cost will go towards furnishings for the homes. This year KCF members DJ and Jenny Vick and their kids Hana, Makayla, and Eli will also be a part of this life changing project. The Burrow’s and the Vick’s will commit our Thanksgiving week to build at least two homes for families in Tijuana, Mexico. 100% of your donation and/or registration fee is tax deductible, and 100% will go directly to the Homes of Hope campaign. This will be a 2 person team event, see WOD below………..

Save the Date!! Saturday October 1,  8:45-10:30 at KCF. More details to below pics………


Teams of 2 (two)

800m Hill Run with KB

then Partner Angie

100 Pull ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats


800m Hill Run with KB

What’s the catch?? Seems easy, why partners?? Well, because that makes it more fun….oh and while one person is doing Pull Ups the other person is holding a plank. Pull Ups only count when the partner is planking. There is no minimum reps requirement for each partner as long as only one person is doing Pull Ups and one doing the plank. Push Ups; one person does the work and one person holds a barbell loaded with fun, 155/225# (yes you can scale where needed). Same deal as Pull Ups, only reps that count are the ones completed while your partner is holding the weight. Sit Ups; with Abmat, back to planks. Squats; because you had fun holding the bar, rinse and repeat.

800m Hill Run; Both partners run the hill together, because misery loves company. The team will take one KB (35/53#), how they share the load is entirely up to them.


Q: I don’t want to do the workout, can I still donate? A: Absoulutely, this is a FUNdraiser and we want your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation. Checks can be made out to Kirkland Fitness Foundation, or via PayPal to out nonprofit account using the email john@kirklandcrossfit.comQ: What if I can’t Rx the movement or weight? A: This is a FUNdraiser, don’t get hurt and please don’t be stupid. Scale or modify where needed

Q: Can I bring someone from another gym? A: Yes, this is a FUNdraiser, I want their money.

Q: Are there prizes for fastest times? A: Yes, Jeremiah will give you a hug.

Q: Can I bring a friend who has never done CrossFit  before? A: Yes, but I will make necessary modifications to the workout to ensure their safety.

Q: What if I have the impossible question? A: please email your question and I’ll do my best,